Zi South

Denver, Colorado

Roth Sheppard Architects

The Zi South restaurant is a 4,500 square foot design build space taken from bare concrete walls and deck to finished fully functioning restaurant in 12 weeks. Jordy Construction assisted the owner with architect, kitchen equipment and engineering firm selection by facilitating consultant interviews with the owner. Once the team was confirmed, Jordy worked with all consultants to confirm the design was staying within the owner’s specified budget by pricing all designs as they were issued in 50%, 75% and 100% documents. Value engineering was utilized throughout the design process to provide a final set of construction documents that changed .008% from the original schematic budget.

During the construction process, Jordy continued to work with the design consultants to find budget and schedule savings to meet an aggressive opening date that could though there were approximately two weeks of delay due to permitting conflicts. Over the course of the project, a savings of approximately $90,000 was realized by modifying HVAC equipment locations, working with the building owner to utilize existing utilities, and value engineering kitchen equipment submittals.

As with every project, unforeseen conditions arose that required creative and fast solutions. Approximately 2 weeks from project completion, the onsite superintendent had to leave the state for a family emergency. The project manager then transitioned onsite to finish the project and complete all inspections, sign-offs and approvals to meet the original opening date. Final approval was received at 11:00 am Friday, and by 8:00 am the next morning the restaurant was opening to a full capacity crowd with all utilities and equipment operating correctly.

This project exemplifies the huge advantages of the design build approach and assembling a construction team, rather than focusing on the low bidders for every aspect. When construction teams are built, everyone from the carpenters in the field to the architects and designers have a collective voice in bringing the project in on time and under budget. There is no blame to pass, simply solutions waiting to be discovered.