McGeady Sisneros, PC

Denver, Colorado

EUA formerly Burkettdesign

Jordy Construction was contracted by the esteemed McGeady Sisneros law firm to complete the tenant finish build from the core and shell at the midtown location of 450 17th Avenue.

Prior to Jordy performing the build-out of the space for this prestigious law firm, Jordy was asked to complete the build of the building itself. The previous contractor was unable to complete the mixed use build-out of the core for retail, residential and the office condominium space. A residential contractor was unable to meet the proper building codes leaving Denver building officials initially uncooperative. Jordy sorted through the complexities of the shell identifying and correcting deficiencies in workmanship. Jordy completed the work directly for the developer Urban Market Development.

The law firm purchased 15,275 square feet in the building. Burkettdesign collaborated with artist Emilio Laboto to design the space. According to Lobato,

“Even if they’d never done it before, every craftsman (at Jordy) was willing to do whatever we asked of them.”

The space embolds high end finishes ranging from raw and polished textures, to glass, wood, cement and carpeting. The large conference room drapes a metal swag extended from the ceiling over the conference table. Italian fixtures were hung giving the room a dramatic feel. Throughout the entire space, high end finishes were used making the space very attractive yet very functional in its use.