Jing Restaurant

Greenwood Village, Colorado

Emiko Design, Inc., and Leopold Design

Jing was built in the Landmark development and is like no other restaurant in the region. This illustrious restaurant features meticulous attention to construction detail on all the fine finishes. Jordy Construction worked carefully with the design team and owner with careful coordination with other trades working outside the core of the building. The end result is an exceptional restaurant constructed by highly skilled craftsman attentive to every detail.

Even before you enter Jing, Charlie Huang’s and co-owner Michael Ditchfield’s sleek, chic restaurant in Greenwood Village, the attention to detail paid to the design is inescapable. Two metal entrance doors, painted high-gloss black, stand 10 feet high and 6 feet across. Staged in a precise pattern are 189 (count ‘em) brushed aluminum circular billets, which run top to bottom and edge to edge. As you move into the dining room the welcoming feeling is amplified. Turning up the ’wow’ factor is a pair of round fabric chandeliers suspended from the ceiling. “The curtains are based on an Archimedean spiral,” says Ross Rosenow, Jordy’s project manager. “The pattern is a double-acting spiral, you can see how it winds out then winds back in a very yin and yang configuration.”

The fastidious craftsmanship has created a buzz for Jing heard throughout the metro area. Prompting many to not only enjoy the fine Asian cuisine, but to relish in the details of the finely built space.