Fox Rothschild

Denver, Colorado

Francis Caufmann

Jordy Construction was contacted by Megan Walsh of Catalyst Planning to compile a General Conditions and Fee Proposal for Fox Rothschild – a 150 year old Philadelphia based law firm, who had acquired a firm in Denver in order to establish a market share in Colorado. Jordy Construction has built many law firms over the years and immediately started work on the Request for Proposal.

The project was located in 1225 17th Street Plaza – a premier office location in downtown Denver. Jordy Construction is a preferred building contractor at this property and we had just completed WhiteWave Foods Corporate Headquarter build out in the building – so we were up for the challenge and were very familiar with rules, regulations and all protocols.

The project was awarded and the construction team – lead by Catalyst Planning, Megan Walsh, and accompanied by 8 team members from Fox Rothschild started right in on pre-construction activities. The group decided to meet weekly via conference call. It was clear the group would be productive together; everyone understood the importance of pre-construction and planning to meet the end date of the schedule.

After 3 months of careful, deliberate, and collaborative planning; construction commenced in the first week of October. Over the course of 4 months, Jordy Construction coordinated with the building as they removed hazardous materials from the space, executed a full demolition of the existing space, installed a new HVAC and electrical system, built walls to deck, and installed a series of high end – modern finishes complete with marble floors, wood laminate, designer light fixtures, custom conference rooms, break rooms, kitchenettes, rolling files, fine-line grid ceiling, and custom glass and glazing details.

The end result was a beautiful project delivered by complete and total team collaboration. The project finished on time and on budget. Jordy is very proud to have been a part of this project with Fox Rothschild and Catalyst Planning.