Taylor Motsenbocker

Taylor Motsenbocker, Project Manager at Jordy Construction

Taylor Motsenbocker

Project Manager

In 2013, Taylor became a valuable member of Jordy Construction, specializing in the aerospace sector. Over the years, he has overseen a diverse range of projects, including SCIFs, data centers, laser labs, QA/QC labs, cleanrooms, generators, lobby/visitor centers, testing chambers, highbays, and warehousing facilities. Taylor has consistently upheld Jordy Construction’s reputation for maintaining exceptional quality and safety standards.

With over a decade of experience, Taylor has ascended the ranks within Jordy Construction, honing his expertise at each level. As a project manager, Taylor possesses a unique dedication and a talent for introducing innovation into construction projects. He approaches every endeavor with a solution-oriented mindset, ensuring that any challenges encountered are met with a proactive and unwavering commitment to finding effective solutions. By leveraging his strong problem-solving skills, Taylor ensures that every project benefits from a forward-thinking perspective, enabling smooth navigation of any obstacles that may arise.

Taylor holds a degree from Eastern University in St. David’s, Pennsylvania, and is set to complete his MBA from the University of Denver in 2024.