Integer Advertising Agency – World Headquarters

Lakewood, Colorado

Studio B2SJ

Jordy Construction completed this $4 million, 115,000 square foot project for Integer in the Belmar shopping center. This project encompassed many difficult elements such as; high-end finishes, unique architectural elements, 730,000 in HVAC and fire sprinkler, – and a mere 120-day schedule.

Located in Lakewood’s’ Belmar Center, the office is half new construction and half construction on top of retail stores in what used to be the two-story Foley’s of the defunct Villa Italia Mall.

Legacy elements such as windows and walls determined to some extent the layout of the renovated space, while the new and old spaces to be painstakingly constructed to precisely fit together.

Jordy made is seamless working very closely with the architect and the engineer. The project was not design-build in the traditional sense so the team had to really work well together to make the space fit.

A tremendous amount of coordination was required for the site with Lakewood building officials, Belmar and the Lakewood Fire Department. The team constantly juggled and balanced the budget, inspection and schedule. On top of all that the client’s high design expectations commanded that Jordy pursue thoughtful value engineering to keep the costs in line with limiting compromises of the aesthetic goals.

The final space is beautiful with its industrial feel as refined as a satin nickel finish and complemented by natural materials and soothing nature-inspired hues.