Denver, Colorado

Venture Architecture

Jordy Construction was awarded this 4th floor full renovation project for Inspirato in conjunction with a 5-story new core and shell building in lower downtown Denver. Venture Architecture and Fitzmartin Consulting were hired by the owner to oversee Jordy manage the bid process and conduct interviews. The client was occupied in lower downtown Denver across the street from our site. When we completed each floor – they would move over and occupy. The project spanned one year due to organizing around business cycles and internal needs. The project required full demolition of each floor with all new mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. The space also features high-end break rooms, conference rooms, and executive office space. The final phase will be to build out a core and shell building that Jordy built from the ground up. We will cut openings in the existing building core and adjoin the two buildings together – all for Inspirato.