Glazed & Confuzed

Denver, Colorado


Glazed & Confuzed is a 2,800 square foot high-end, specialty donut shop located in Denver. For this project, Jordy Construction was tasked with converting a retail space into a fully functioning restaurant and kitchen equipped to make delightful donuts. Under a tight ten-week timeframe that included demolition of finishes, installing a grease interceptor, trenching for underground plumbing, building walls for seating and offices, and refurnishing the kitchen and restrooms, Jordy completed this aggressive project on time, leaving as little down time for the restaurant as possible.

The finishes included sealed concrete floors, tile in the kitchen, custom millwork, including banquets, custom aluminum ceiling panels, and quartz countertops. The kitchen included a new hood and installing cooking equipment. HVAC equipment included exhaust fans and make-up air units.